ED-77A - User Requirements for Navigation Data

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Issued in Janury 2019.

This document provides industry requirements for navigation databases for aeronautical use by identified applications. It attempts to state the information requirements for users. The expectation is that navigation data originators, navigation data providers, and application integrators would use this document when providing those data to system designers and/or users. This document provides an industry recommended basis for DQRs to facilitate end user development in support of an intended function.

This revision refines the scope to navigation data, provides an overview of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concepts in relation to navigation data, defines a data catalog, expands the set of data quality requirements, and provides new guidance on procedure design and coding. It addresses applications and related data needs that have emerged since the last revision. Definitions were also reviewed and updated throughout the document to maintain compatibility with other database and data processing standards.

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