ED-318 - Technical Specification for Geographical Zones and U-Space data provision and exchange

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Issued in January 2024.

Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 mandates in its Article 15 that “when Member States define UAS geographical zones, for geo awareness purposes they shall ensure that the information on the UAS geographical zones, including their period of validity, is made publicly available in a common unique digital format”.

EASA AMC&GM to (EU) 2019/947 Article 15 provides additional considerations about the related data quality, as well as a reference to Chapter 8 ‘UAS restriction zone data model’ of the EUROCAE ED-269 as AMC for the common unique digital format.

Additionally, Annex V of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/664 on U-Space requires that exchange of relevant operational data and information between U-space service providers and air traffic service providers is made through an exchange model for which the data model included in ED-269 is considered as a very good foundation. Yet, the model as currently set in Chapter 8 of ED-269 will need to evolve to be compatible with new objects and features associated to a scope wider than geo-fencing, e.g. dynamic airspace reconfiguration.
Finally, the implementation of (EU) 2019/947 is raising requests for improvements or additions to the data model and format currently included in ED-269.

Considering that all the necessary evolutions of ED-269 Chapter 8 data model are not linked to the geo-fencing MOPS itself (i.e. the actual scope of ED-269), it was considered relevant to develop a dedicated Technical Specification. The Technical Specification for Geographical Zones and U-Space data provision and exchange will cover all aspects related to Data Provision and Exchange (i.e. data scope, quality requirements, data format and model, exchange of data through information service) in support of regulations (EU) 2019/947 and (EU) 2021/664.

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