ED-291 - Test Procedures for Quantified Visual Advantage

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Issued in May 2021.

This document is limited to providing a method to determine and document the quantified visual advantage (QVA) of an installed Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS). This document does not provide any guidance on the design of the EFVS.

QVA determination in this document is based on extensive experience with EFVS systems using infrared (IR) sensors. Future EFVS sensor technologies may require alternate methods to evaluate QVA.

In this document, the term “shall” is used to indicate an agreed to means of measurement of QVA. An approved design should comply with every requirement, which can be assured by inspection, test, analysis, or demonstration. The term “should” is used to denote a recommended method in the collection or analysis of data, but does not constitute a requirement.

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