ED-258 - OSED for Detect & Avoid [Traffic] in Class D-G airspaces under VFR/IFR

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Issued in January 2019.

The purpose of this Operational Services and Environment Definition (OSED) is to provide a basis for assessing and establishing operational, safety, performance, and interoperability requirements for the Detect And Avoid [Traffic] (DAA) Remain Well Clear (RWC) and Collision Avoidance (CA) functions in Class D-G Airspaces, for a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS).

The intended audience are the future users and personnel whose work will be affected by the introduction of DAA. This includes Remote Pilots (RP), RPAS System Developers, Pilots of all classes of aircraft, Air Navigation Service Providers, Air Traffic Controllers (ATCo), Civil Aviation Authorities, Regulatory Authorities, Aircraft Operators, Aircraft Manufacturers, Avionics Manufacturers, Military Authorities and Military Aircraft Operators.

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