Cyber Security Training (early bird)

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ED-201 - Aeronautical Information System Security (AISS) Framework Guidance
ED-202A - Airworthiness Security Process Specification
ED-203 - Airworthiness Security Methods and Considerations
ED-204 - Information Security Guidance for Continuing Airworthiness
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Benefits of attending
- Participants will gain the tools and understanding to use available standards to manage cyber risk in an aviation context in a standards-led way (which in itself brings many additional benefits).
- ED-201 brought to life with classroom scenarios and exercises.
- Learn best practice on auditing and certification.
- Instructor a leading authority on aviation cyber security and a certified lead auditor for ISO27001.
- Sharing experiences with colleagues from other aviation stakeholders/countries.
- Extensive course handouts including ED-201, ED-202, ED-203, ED-204.
- Ideal learning environment at EUROCAE HQ in Saint-Denis (Paris area, France).
- Certificate on completion of the course, with special distinction awarded to participants scoring 90% or higher in the final assessment.
Learning objectives
The purpose of the training is to enable participants to adopt a standards-led approach to cyber security in aviation. The participant will be able to:
- Identify the principles and consequences of cyber security in the aviation environment.
- Describe how cyber security impacts different actors in aviation.
- Explain the scope and contents of ED-20X as applied by each aviation stakeholder.
- Identify the interdependencies between the different standards by mapping the links between them, including ED-201 to ED-205, EN-16495, ISO27000 series, NIST standards, DOs and SAE documents.
- Select an appropriate standard, or set of standards, to adopt for specific aviation purposes.
- Identify the process to follow and the information required for internal/external audits within an aviation context.
- Outline the key requirements underpinning cyber security certification.

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