ED-290 - Guidance on High Voltage Definition and Consideration for Personal Safety

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Issued in December 2021.

This document contains guidance for definition of “High Voltage” and electrical hazards on VTOL and consideration on personal safety.
Compliance with this standard is recommended as one means of assuring that the HV system will perform its intended function(s) safely under all conditions normally encountered in foreseeable routine aeronautical operation.
They may also have additional functions for which other MOPS or ETSOs may be applicable or, it may contain additional functions not defined by any MOPS or ETSO and, non ETSO function guidance may be applicable.
As clarified on section 1.5.3 below, voltage levels above 1500VDC or 1000VAC are not expected on VTOL application for now and require specific safety considerations. Therefore, those higher voltage levels are not in the scope of this document.

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