ED-175 - Safety and Performance requirements (SPR) for Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) and Meteorological (MET) Data Link Services

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Issued in January 2011.

This document specifies minimal baseline operational Safety and Performance Requirements (SPR) for the data link delivery of AIS and MET information as the primary means of communications between air and ground.

The aim of the AIS and MET data link services is to provide aeronautical and meteorological information for flight efficiency and/or hazard avoidance in all flight environments.

Four AIS/MET data link services are covered in this SPR: an aeronautical update service that provides current updates of aeronautical information; and three weather decision services that provide current updates of meteorological information designed to support flight crew decisions in three time categories (planning, near term and immediate decisions). The document is based on a notional architecture and is not intended for implementation and operational use until validation activities are completed. It provides a framework and a methodology to be used as the basis for assessing implementation of new data link systems or architectures as candidates for AIS and/or MET data link services.

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