ED-147 - ATM Validation Platforms Interoperability Specification

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Issued in January 2013.

This document specifies a Common Standard for the Interoperability of ATM Validation Platforms of various origins in order for them to be capable of running jointly in the common framework of a common ATM Simulation validation exercise.

- ATM Validation Platforms at stake are operational, experimental or research tools and systems providing the simulation of the various segments of the ATM system and are used for the verification, validation and development of procedures, methods, concepts and systems; this comprises airborne, ground and networking facilities; including analytical models, fast-time and real time simulators and training facilities. These activities may require that several of these platforms interoperate.

- The common ATM Simulation validation exercise is devised in such a way as to involve the multiple facets of a complex situation where several components and actors are required to represent the complexity of the real world.

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